In Africa, the drum was used as a primitive form of wireless communication often heard up to 25 miles away. Every man and most women used to have an individual drum-name, a fixed code sentence. A person alone in the forest could be called to return to the village when needed or a message can be beat to warn everyone that a leopard had been sighted. Drumora is designed to fill this need for community communication while eliminating centralized censorship and exploitation of personal data while providing a way for the community itself to moderate out scams, spam, identity theft, and cyber-bullying.

Safe, Secure And Spam Free

Using blockchain technology to limit the exposure to unwanted spam, while still allowing the platform to be free for all.

Based on the Economics of Social Media

Allowing for the social construct to ensure spam is limited, poor content and trolls are limited. You control your exposure.

Have an Opinion? Earn Money.

To ensure the platform stays free of spam, trolls and poor content, we reward the majority for minimizing the exposure of the the bad minority.

The Key Features of Drumora

  • Conceived by 5 year crypto veterans behind Breakout, Stealth, and Cryptocertify
  • Tokenized posting and voting rights
  • Community moderation (no code of conduct)
  • No reward pool for posts
  • High performance blockchain (EOS fork)
  • Ultra-fast 3 second blocktimes based on EOS/Steem architecture
  • Thousands of transactions per second
  • Efficient delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) block signing
  • No transaction fees, no fees for posting
  • Posts are maximum 280 characters
  • On-chain exchange
  • Permissionless onboarding of new users
  • Named accounts
  • Reward structure aligns coin owner incentives with the health of the coin market
  • Encourages both honest and broad moderation

Goals of Drumora

  • No ICO
  • No scam posts like “ETH giveaways”
  • No spam
  • No impersonation of known personalities
  • No censorship of controversial subject matter by a centralized authority
  • Reputation based – no centralized verification of IDs
  • Rewards paid to community to moderate content
  • True anonymity
  • No collection of personal information
  • No ads
  • No cyber-bullying


Meet the team behind Drumora
James Stroud

James Stroud

Founder and Director of Blockchain Development
Paul Kim

Paul Kim

Lead of Blockchain Operations
Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson

Senior Algorithm Scientist and Developer
Gian Perroni

Gian Perroni

Business Development and Events
Gabriel Morales

Gabriel Morales

Creative Designer
Michael Woo

Michael Woo

China Liason
Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson

Advisor and Blockchain Analyst

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