Breakout Moving Forward to Drumora

Breakout Chain Successes

The Breakout team is proud to announce our planned transition to an entirely new blockchain platform called Drumora. Drumora will be a purely decentralized messaging platform that has two main goals. The first is to provide a censorship-resistant venue for communication, and the second is to make the adoption of Drumora as straightforward as possible.
Before we explain Drumora, we would first like to put this transition into context by reviewing our accomplishments with Breakout Chain. Breakout Chain is the first and only truly multicurrency blockchain, where several currencies work together through both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mechanisms. All currencies on Breakout Chain are “first class currencies”, a term with a lot of facets. For example first class currencies can be used for their own transaction fees. Breakout Chain is also the first chain with collectable assets that constitute an integral part of the blockchain protocol (a deck of 53 playing cards). Notably, card owners can secure the chain and validate blocks through a proof-of-stake mechanism. The list of Breakout Chain technological novelties goes on, many of which have never been observed elsewhere. And it all works to create one of the best functioning blockchains around.

Additionally the use cases for Breakout Chain assets, and Breakout Coin (BRK) in particular, were revolutionary in the cryptocurrency space when they were introduced, and the innovations have been mimicked many times by other projects. The Breakout Chain ecosystem in which BRK is utilized has been built by Breakout Gaming, a company independent from the Breakout Chain development team. The principal BRK use cases are designed around online gaming. Even with intensifying regulatory pressure on both cryptocurrency assets and online gaming, Breakout Gaming has been able to build profitable and novel gaming use cases for BRK. Some of these use cases were arguably ahead of their time, like Breakout Gaming’s esports platform created in collaboration with Gaimerz. Others have found increasing success, the most notable being Breakout Poker. We mention Breakout Poker with special pride in that it fulfills a central mandate of the Breakout Chain crowdfunding effort, which was to facilitate an online poker use case for BRK.

Breakout becomes Drumora – A New Direction

Even with these successes behind us, the Breakout Chain development team constantly strives for new use cases, and to improve the technology underlying Breakout Chain assets. To this end, we have conceived of Drumora, a global, decentralized, censorship resistant, public messaging platform built on an ultra-fast blockchain. Drumora users will create posts and replies of up to 280 characters to engage in public discussion and disseminate timely information.
The most popular public messaging platform is Twitter, but it is broken because it is overrun by poor quality contributors and scams. This problem is all too apparent in cryptocurrency communities where practically every post is plagued by “ethereum giveaways” and impostors.
Twitter is also known for censorship of controversial opinions from both ends of the political spectrum. While the goal of any messaging platform is civilized and open discourse, centralized control of speech will always result in a political bias, even if the intent is to be neutral. Drumora allows for moderated discussion, but the moderation is decentralized. Drumora is therefore less likely to result in a politically alienating platform because the overall bias is less severe. The reason is that Drumora moderation reflects the views of a diverse population and not the bias of a small group of operators.

What happens with Breakout Coin/Stake –

The Drumora blockchain assets DRUM and MORA are derived 1:1 from BRK and BRX. BRK and BRX will cease to exist after this transformation. Drumora users who own BRK and BRX on the Breakout Chain will have access to DRUM and MORA by virtue of their private keys. Because there is nothing for users to claim in order to access their DRUM and MORA, users will not need to go through a messy claim process that lends itself to exploit by hackers via phishing and social engineering.
BRK will be called DRUM on the new chain. DRUM will be able to vote for posts either positively or negatively. Post voting earns rewards from the reward pool. Both positive and negative votes may earn rewards. The rewards are denominated in DRUM which may be vested towards more post voting power.
BRX will be called MORA on the new chain. BRX owners will be able to vote for block producers who secure the chain by validating transactions and performing other essential functions. Block production earns DRUM, distributed through block rewards. This DRUM can then be vested towards more post voting power.
DRUM and MORA will exist on the Drumora blockchain, which can be considered simply a transformation of the Breakout Chain. No new assets will be created in this transformation and no “swap” is technically needed. The blockchain will simply have a different internal structure and new consensus mechanism, but identical assets that have new names some new blockchain capabilities.

What Key advantages does Drumora offer –

The Drumora blockchain will accelerate confirmation times significantly with three second blocks, using what is known as delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS). The Drumora chain will be based on the same basic architecture as EOS and Steem. In the Drumora system, 19 full time block producers (known as witnesses) and up to 100 standbys will take turns producing blocks in rounds, via a pseudo-random queue that reorders each round. These block producers are selected by community-wide voting, where each account may vote for up to 30 witnesses. Voting weight is proportional to an account’s total vested MORA. The top 19 witnesses will have an opportunity to sign a block each round, and one standby witness will also be chosen for each round. The frequency at which a given standby witness is chosen to sign blocks is proportional to the amount of vested MORA voting for it.
An important feature of Drumora will be the ability for people to create new accounts in a completely private way, by producing work proofs that entitle them to account creation. These so-called “permissionless” accounts are not free in that they require the user’s computer to do energy and time consuming calculations. However, they do not require buying any DRUM or MORA from an exchange or money handler. Consequently, account creation does not necessitate identity validation bottlenecks, nor does it require a central entity to fund accounts, removing one avenue of exploitation observed in other decentralized social media platforms.

What makes up Drumora –

The essential components of the Drumora platform will be hosted on a blockchain with the following properties:

  • Ultra-fast 3 second blocktimes based on EOS/Steem architecture
  • Thousands of transactions per second
  • Efficient delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) block signing
  • No transaction fees, no fees for posting
  • Posts are maximum 280 characters
  • On-chain exchange
  • Permissionless onboarding of new users
  • Named accounts
  • Reward structure aligns coin owner incentives with the health of the coin market
  • Encourages both honest and broad moderation


  • Dedicated website
  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • Push notifications
  • Link shortener
  • Open source anonymous account creation utilities
  • Website gateway for permissionless onboarding
  • Open source permissionless onboarding utilities
  • Blockchain tipbot, with easy, intuitive in-post tipping, (e.g. “/tip @userxyz 20 DRUM”)
  • Integration with other social media platforms

How To Get Involved –

Because BRK and BRX will transform into key assets on the Drumora blockchain, the best way to get involved is by owning BRK and BRX at the time of the blockchain snapshot, which will be announced in the future. BRK and BRX are listed on Bittrex ( Here is a complete guide to obtaining BRK and BRX.

We’d love for you to join us on our new adventure to help shape the future of social media with the power of blockchain. has more information, including our whitepaper, and links to the various social media channels that we intend to use going forward.

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