Buying BRK and Wallet Tutorial

Step 1: Purchase BTC using your FIAT currency

Since Breakout Coin (BRK) and Breakout Stake (BRX) can only be purchased using Bitcoin (BTC), your first step is to purchase Bitcoin, if you haven’t done so already. To buy Bitcoin, find a reputable Bitcoin trading platform that accepts FIAT currency, which usually involves linking a bank account or credit card. Coinbase and Gemini are both reputable and widely used Bitcoin trading platforms. These instructions apply for both Coinbase and Gemini. Please Be Aware: Gemini has mutliple restrictions based on your location.

  1. Sign up and fill out the required information
  2. Choose a payment method by linking a bank account or credit card
  3. Follow instructions to verify payment method
  4. Purchase BTC
  5. Wait for BTC to be available in wallet

Step 2: Transfer Bitcoin (BTC) to Bittrex

After you’ve purchased your Bitcoin, there’s just one more step before you can purchase BRK or BRX. You need to send your BTC over to Bittrex, which is the main platform that trades BRK and BRX for Bitcoin. If you are sending BTC through Coinbase, begin by clicking “Accounts” in the menu and click “Send”. A prompt will then appear, which will request a recipient/withdrawal address and desired BTC amount to be sent. Head over to your Bittrex account and click “Wallet” in the menu, and you will find the Bitcoin wallet at the top of the list. If you’re having trouble locating the Bitcoin wallet, you can always use the search bar and type in BTC. Locate and confirm that you have chosen the Bitcoin wallet and click the green button just left of where it says “Bitcoin” under the column titled “currency name”. Copy the provided deposit address and head back to your Coinbase account and paste the address in the corresponding “recipient” section. Choose the desired amount to be sent and proceed to continue, and once you have verified the request is correct, the withdrawal process will begin and your BTC will be deposited shortly.

  1. Create an account on Bittrex and provide necessary information to be verified
  2. Click “wallet” in the top menu
  3. Find the BTC wallet. Then, click the green button to the left of the BTC wallet to see the depositing address
  4. Copy the BTC deposit address
  5. Go to “Accounts” and click “send” on Coinbase and paste the address in the recipient section
  6. Choose the desired amount to be sent and proceed to continue by verifying the transaction
  7. Check to verify BTC has been successfully sent to your Bittrex wallet. (Note: it may take some time for the BTC to be deposited)

Step 3: Purchase Breakout Coin (BRK) and Breakout Stake (BRX)

  1. Once your BTC has been deposited in your Bittrex account, you’re now ready to purchase BRK and BRX!
  2. Click on “Markets” in the menu
  3. Use the search bar to find the BRK or BRX ticker
  4. Click on the desired ticker and begin placing buy orders to purchase BRK/BRX.
  5. Wait for buy orders to be filled (Note: it may take some time for your buy orders to be completely filled)
  6. Confirm that the desired amount of BRK/BRX is displayed in the exchange wallet on the “Wallets” page.

Step 4: Move your BRK/BRX to the Breakout Desktop Wallet

Though this step is optional, we highly recommend that you move your coins over to the Breakout Desktop Wallet, as leaving funds/coins on the exchange are vulnerable to being confiscated or lost.

  1. Download the Breakout Desktop Wallet at
  2. Launch the Breakout Desktop Wallet after installation is complete
  3. Allow the wallet to synchronize with the network (20-30 min) before starting anything else
  4. Encrypt wallet in “Settings”
    • Do not share or lose your passphrase!
  5. Backup Wallet in “File”
    • We recommend you backup offline on a USB, and on the Cloud and local computer
  6. Locate/create new depositing address in the Receive tab. You may use the default (no label) address to deposit BRK, but you MUST create a new address for BRX at the bottom of the page if you want to deposit BRX. To create a new depositing address:
    • Click “new address” at the bottom
    • Create a label
    • Choose currency you want to deposit (BRK/BRX)
  7. Copy the depositing address in the Breakout Wallet (confirm the currency is correct)
  8. Find the BRK/BRX exchange wallet on Bittrex and click the withdrawal (red) button
  9. Paste the address, enter the desired quantity, and proceed to withdrawal
  10. Your BRK/BRX will be displayed in your Breakout Desktop Wallet shortly

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