Frequently Asked Questions

I own BRK and/or BRX. What happens now?

Breakout Coin is being rebranded to add additional functionality and relevance in a modern crypto market. BRK and BRX will become DRUM and MORA, respectively, on a one to one basis. There will be continued support for existing viable gaming use cases, such as, along with the new decentralized twitter app.

What is Drumora?

Drumora is a censorship-resistant, decentralized public messaging platform.

Who is behind Drumora?

Please visit the about us page for more information on our team and the project.

What problem does Drumora solve?

Solves the major problems of Twitter by using blockchain technology: No scams, no spam, no censorship, no identity brokerage.

Why is Drumora not conducting an ICO?

No ICO is needed. The currencies (utility tokens) in Drumora are simply the existing coins of BRK and BRX. The company developing Drumora is a successful blockchain company that is now taking the next step with an existing blockchain asset.

What is planned for the Open Beta release?

Open beta will include a fully functional blockchain with extremely fast block times, full blockchain support for the Drumora decentralized public messaging platform, and a website that facilitates user interaction with the Drumora blockchain.

Will there be an app?

There will be both a dedicated website ( and apps for Android and iOS.

How does Drumora plan on tackling the spam issue that thrives on social media platforms like Twitter already?

Drumora has a community moderation system that is stake-weighted, meaning individuals own the DRUM utility token and can moderate posts with an influence proportional to their DRUM ownership. By purchasing DRUM, any user can obtain enough moderation privileges to stomp most spam that they might encounter.

Where can I get DRM/MRA/BRK/BRX?

Currently, BRK and BRX are available on Bittrex and LiteBit. BRK and BRX will change to DRUM and MORA, respectively, upon launch of the new chain.

How do I get in contact with the Drumora team?

The quickest place to find us is on our Reddit and Discord channel. However, you can also get in touch with us through our website’s Contact Us page.

When can I get a Drumora account?

Drumora accounts will be automatically generated for existing BRK and BRX holders. Users may access these accounts with their BRK and BRX private keys. No third parties will be involved.

How can I earn DRUM?

DRUM can be earned either as a witness who signs block, or by vesting some DRUM and moderating posts on Drumora.