What Happens With My BRK and BRX?

Accessing DRUM and MORA

When Breakout Chain, which includes Breakout Coin (BRK) and Breakout Stake (BRX), converts to Drumora, BRK will become DRUM and BRX will become MORA. This blog post describes how users of BRK and BRX can access their DRUM and MORA.

Process Overview

BRK and BRX have two types of owners, those who hold coins on an exchange, like Bittrex, and those who have coins in a client wallet. Owners who prefer to hold coins on an exchange should allow Bittrex to manage the conversion. Owners who prefer to hold coins in a client wallet should use the client wallet to export their DRUM and MORA private keys. Drumora.com will serve a secure client-side interface to the blockchain wherein users may access their Drumora blockchain assets using these private keys.


Coins on Exchange: Bittrex Chain Swap

  1. If coins are not already on Bittrex, send them to Bittrex, which will execute a chain swap.
  2. After sending to Bittrex, BRK and BRX owners must wait for the snapshot block, which we will announce well in advance.
  3. After the snapshot, Bittrex will reopen the market and allow withdrawals. User balances will remain unchanged throughout the swap.
  4. To realize the maximum benefit from their DRUM and MORA holdings, users way want to go to drumora.com and either create a permissionless account, or use an anonymous account creation service to create an account with a readable Drumora account name. Users may then transfer assets to this new account and vest their holdings to earn blockchain rewards and and have influence on the platform.
  5. Users can use the drumora.com website to manage their client-side Drumora wallets, vest DRUM and MORA, make posts, and vote on posts and witnesses.

Coins in a Client Wallet: Exporting Private Keys

  1. Open and synchronize the client wallet hosted at https://github.com/BreakoutCoin/Breakout-Chain-Client/releases. The client wallet is synced when the checkmark is filled with white as shown.
  2. Go to the File menu and select Export Private Keys.
  3. If your wallet is encrypted and unlocked, you will be prompted for your wallet password.
  4. Each BRX and BRK address found in your wallet that has a nonzero balance will be displayed as shown.
  5. Any address that has a nonzero balance upon the snapshot block will have an account automatically created on the Drumora chain, as part of the genesis of the chain. These accounts are called “genesis accounts”. See the Drumora white paper to understand how these accounts are named. To access these accounts, go to drumora.com,and complete the following steps for each BRK and BRX address.
  6. In the Account Name field, enter the BRK or BRX address. To copy the address, click the appropriate Address field in the Private Keys popup window (shown above), then click “Copy Address”.
  7. In the Password field, enter the private key. To copy the private key, click the key icon in the Private Key field, enter the wallet password if the wallet is encrypted. The private key will be copied to the clipboard.
  8. You may now use all the features of your genesis account. Because genesis accounts have long random names, you may want to create a new account either with (1) the permissionless account tool, or (2) using an anonymous account service, and then transfer your assets to this new account. If you have many genesis accounts, you only need to make one new account and consolidate all your assets to this account. There is no requirement to make a new account or consolidate your Drumora assets.


Which process should I use?

By far, it will be easier for users to participate in the chain swap through Bittrex, especially if users have many address at which they have received coins.

Coin owners who choose this option should ensure to send their coins well ahead of the snapshot. We recommend at least 24 hours. If users try to send at the last minute, their coins may not be included in the blockchain before the snapshot block. In this case, users must access their DRUM and MORA through the wallet at drumora.com.

Many coin owners dislike transferring custody of their crypto-assets to exchanges. These users will want to access their Drumora assets by exporting their private keys. This could be arduous if users have many addresses to which they have received coins, but it places no trust in a centralized exchange.

What if I miss the Bittrex chain swap?

BRK and BRX owners who miss the Bittrex chain swap will still be able to claim their coins by exporting their private keys and using them at the client-side wallet served at drumora.com.


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